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adToken - Unlocking the Blockchain for Digital Advertising.

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The objective of the Rinkeby Rover mission is to offer a preliminary look at the adChain Registry DApp and to gain valuable insights from the adToken community. The mission will serve as twofold: (1) to educate the adToken community on interacting with the adChain Registry and (2) to gather feedback to guide us towards Ethereum Colonization.



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The adToken (ADT) is required to use the adChain registry, a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. ADT is used to vote, deposit, and challenge entry into the adChain Registry, which stores domain names accredited as non-fraudulent by ADT holders. adToken holders are incentivized to clean up the digital advertising supply chain by voting fraudulent publishers out of the Registry, based on their merits. The publishers are allowed to re-apply as often as they would like..


The Adtoken Coin is the crypto currency of the AdChain project. This project consists of a series of interoperable open protocols based on the public Ethereum blockchain.

The project is of particular importance for the digital advertising industry, which weighs around US$ 175 billion.

The first protocol in development is the adChain Registry. It is a public decentralized whitelist of online publisher websites that aim to help the advertising industry eliminate a fraud problem that costs more than $16 billion annually.

In this case, decentralised means that no single company or person has control over the whitelist.





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