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Our Vision

We believe that blockchain is the architectural foundation for the next millennium - and we see Blockmason building a formidable edifice of excellent libraries, contracts, programs, apps, content, and market makers.

Our first entry in the market is Credit Protocol, with which we plan to launch various decentralized apps during 2018.

We see Credit Protocol bringing the $5 Trillion consumer credit market into a more transparent, healthy, and friendly future.


The name Blockmason indicates the craftsmanship, artisanship, and sweat equity to build the seamless networks of infrastructure, buildings, and architecture around us – the framework of life where we live, work, and play. Blockmason contributes to the robust new foundations of life built on various blockchains, and enabling the next wave of human progress.




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Our protocols are laying groundwork for the most basic social currencies.

Human needs such as lending to one another, better care in sickness
and health, and quickly building real trust in civic and social settings

The Credit Protocol is a system for permanently recording ledgers of debts and credits between parties using the Ethereum blockchain.

It guarantees the permanence and reliability of records stored, as well as enforcing specified smart contract properties such as the confirmation of credits by participating parties and the verification of the identities of contracting parties by way of cryptographic signatures.


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