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Limitation of Centralized Internet Advertising Bureau

The middle layer grows in size, creating loopholes for bad players that manipulate the system for the gain.


Severe Ad Fraud

More than 40% of online ads traffic is bot traffic, which costs advertisers $16 billion annually.

Monetization & User Experience Dilemma

Users rarely get rewarded from ads, which drives 600 million devices to use ad blocking, hence decrease efficiency of the ecosystem.





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P2P Mobile Storage Layer
is a P2P based decentralized Mobile Metadata Management (M³) system based on DHT and erase coding. Inspired by IPFS but designed specifically for mobile.

SDK Management Layer
models encoded user activity logs by non-cooperative game modeling and AI technology to generate smart contracts for device level reputation.

Blockchain Layer
is the DATA chain, a standalone public chain built from a fork of Ethermint (the Ethereum implementation on Tendermint consensus engine) and incorporates proof of attention (PoA) mining rules. .

Application Process Layer
consists of protocol and smart contracts to perform applications of the system, the most important of which is fraud detection.






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