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DECENT – Blockchain Content Distribution Platform.

Get DECENT price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info.

The new way of

D ecentralized Network
E ncrypted & Secure
C ontent Distribution System
E limination of 3rd Parties
N ew Way of Online Publishing
T imestamped Data Records


Content providers

Publish your content via decentralized DECENT Network, decide its price and share with the world!

Independent Publishing

No third-party Influence

Self-management of the Content

Individual Price-setting

Strong Data Encryption





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Build your own Applications on top of DECENT Protocol and save precious Development Time

Easy App Development

Open-source Technology

User-friendly Protocol

Decentralized App Marketplace

Stable & Secure Service


Become a DECENT Seeder, help us to recreate the Online Content Distribution processes and get a reward for doing so!

Seed & Distribute the Content

Earn DCT Rewards

Join the Blockchain Future

Decentralize Online Content Publishing





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