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DEW works in a similar way as other cryptocurrency exchanges but a slightly different way when it comes to users’ equity, user’s equity can be traded in DEW ecology in a fair and decentralized way. The value of Equity is discovered in DEW in the blockchain world. In a sense, according to the official website, “DEW is the Global Securitize Price Center (GSPC).” It has shelves that include listed company, bulk commodity, and blockchain assets. The shelves pass through DEW GPSC to publish blockchain securities prices (RBS)..


DEW (Symbol: DEW) is a distributed exchange and also a gateway to the international blockchain securities market. With an almighty account, users can buy and sell Blockchain Assets, Stocks, Futures, Forex, ETF, Bet Contract, and so on. It can make sure that asset transfer is performed according to rules in the smart contract, so no one (including DEW) take the fund out unilaterally. Coded clearing rules in smart contract guarantee that asset clearing operates in a transparent and independent way.





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