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EOS: Combining the Best of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

EOS is an Ethereum like blockchain technology, created by Dan Larrimer. Creator or Steem and BitShares. The ICO of this project starts on June 26, 2017, at 13:00 UTC..



EOS is one of the most talked about blockchain projects distributing a token; and it doesn’t even have a blockchain yet. Launched by block.one, the company building the EOS.IO software, the EOS token is explicitly stated not to have any value, utility, or purpose. Yet its token market capitalization has already surpassed that of older and more well-established cryptocurrencies like Zcash, BitShares, Steem, and Augur..




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EOS is a consensus blockchain operating system that seeks to improve the efficiency of smart business development. It is one of the youngest entrants into the market having started trading in June 2017. It provides the necessary core functionality which includes authentication, scheduling, account permissions and databases giving developers the freedom to focus on customizing the application to suit their business needs.
Block.one raised $185 million in the sale of 20% of the total EOS tokens in only five days of their ICO. This token distribution period which started in June is expected to last 341 days to give people enough time to learn about EOS and keep them from rushing into a quick decision to buy.

EOS has been developed to function primarily as a “settlement layer”. What this means is that unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, who were created to function as “digital cash” that can be easily transacted with, EOS was created as a network that will act as a foundation for building decentralized applications for commercial use.

Other coins, like Lisk and Ethereum, have been developed for similar purposes. The innovative edges that EOS brings to the table are that EOS has no transaction fees and can process thousands of transactions per second. According to the EOS whitepaper, this is because of the network’s use of Horizontal Scalability.






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