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Blockchain-based Credit Alliance

Credit Equals Fairness

Based on the struggles of the credit markets in China, Southeast Asia and Europe, LinkEye has a clear entry point into the industry. By utilizing blockchain technology and credit economy model, LinkEye can create a shared list of untrusted profiles within the credit alliance by connecting isolated islands of credit data, and eventually solving the problems of high costs, data discrepancy, accessibility and shortage of talents.

Lending institution is able to access the credit blacklist on consortium-blockchain published by other members. It only has to pay a certain amount of LinkEye Token (LET) to acquire the detail credit report..




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LinkEye is an independent solution of credit sharing alliance based on the blockchain technology.

Our goal is to achieve equality by forming a wide-range trustworthy credit system of the entire society.

Sustainable Industry Growth

According to its performance in the long history, we can forecast that credit financing will hold its role as an evergreen industry to boost global economy.
Sustainable Open Operation

The committee of LinkEye Foundation shall be elected by the alliance members with the continuous improvement of the technology and operation.
Sustainable Token Economy

Every token withdrawn from query or transaction will be released after 2 years to ensure a reasonable and effective circulation.

Data security

LinkEye takes the combination of symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption to protect data security, while using digital signature to ensure information integrity and authenticity.


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