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MediShares - A Global Mutual Aid Marketplace on the Blockchain

What is MediShares

Medishares is a Ethereum based, decentralized, open-source mutual aid marketplace.

Anyone can join a mutual aid scheme through sending variable amount of MDS to a smart contract.

Anyone can become a mutual aid insurer based on the smart contract templates provided by MediShares, and can profit from it.



The World's First Mutual Aid Marketplace On BlockChain
Use blockchain technology to embed trust into transactions. It can dramatically improve efficiency and lower operational cost for insurers..




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The Advantages of MediShares

Trustless: No Capital Pool, all tokens are locked by smart contract.
Low Operational Cost: Smart contracts and DAO will significantly reduce the operational cost.
Incentive System: Anyone who become insurer in MediShares shall gain MDS Token from the marketplace.
Value Sharing: Policyholders will able to share the community profits and value.
Global Marketplace: Break the geographical restrictions and allow users to participate globally.






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