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MLN token holders elect a technical council. The technical council then votes on the next version of Melon. Melon has built-in incentives to ensure its ongoing development, making it free from centralised authoring.



Melon is the first of its kind autonomous systems, designed specifically for the purposes of crypto asset management. Both its frontend as well as its backend are hosted and executed on decentralised platforms. The frontend operates on top of IPFS, while the backend leverages its own Domain Chain connected to Polkadot. Using the newly-developed WebAssembly standard, Melon can be run as a zero configuration application from the convenience of your browser.




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Traditional Asset Management

The necessity for so many middlemen leads to inefficiency, high running costs, and increased operational risks at every stage.

Melon Asset Management

Melon replaces a large proportion of the middlemen with smart contracts, thus enabling you to perform the same tasks at a fraction of the cost, and with higher transparency, security, and minimised requirement for trust.


Our mission is to build Melon in a way that is inclusive, reliable and transparent. Users do not need to acquire permission to set up funds on Melon. Melon is not owned by Melonport AG and Melonport AG does not take any fees; it is intended as a public good, like the internet. As a result, Melon is open-source, decentralised, free from addictive feedback loops and Melonport AG does not charge any fees for the use of Melon.






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