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Metaverse ETP.


Metaverse ETP (ETP) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics .

Metaverse (ETP): The Reality of Undervalued Cryptocurrency

Metaverse元界 - The New Reality Blockchain Project.



Metaverse is a leading public blockchain based in China. Designed to facilitate low-cost, convenient transfer of digitized personal data and assets with unprecedented security and privacy, Metaverse aims to revolutionize the way financial services and transactions are processed, and to improve outdated and inefficient identity verification services with a network of Digital Assets,​ Digital Identities, and Oracle​ Intermediaries. .




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The token used by Metaverse is called ETP, it represents the rights and interests of Metaverse. The total issuance amount of ETP is 100 million, and the smallest unit of ETP is 0.00000001 ETP. The security of ETP is guaranteed by the ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm).

ETP is used to measure the value of smart properties in Metaverse or as collateral in financial transactions. Additionally, fees applied on Metaverse (to create new smart properties, register a new Avatar or designate yourself as an Oracle) must be paid in ETP..


Digital Asset Registration
Digital assets are a new type of asset with ever-growing importance. With just a few clicks you can own your assets on-chain today!
Digital Identity Design

Build your own digital identity on Metaverse where records last permanently.

Oracle Intermediary
Intermediary services(Oracles) are built upon a decentralised reputation system and act as a link between Metaverse and the real world.
Decentralized Exchange
Metaverse allows value to be exchanged freely and easily, paving the way for the Internet of Value.





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