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What Is MobileGo Coin (MGO)?

MobileGo Coin is a digital currency that allows the player of an online game to purchase content from the game.

These coins can be purchased by credit card or other payment methods and used for all games already online.

MobileGo Features

Some of the key features of the MobileGo platform include:

Gamification of the platform, where users can earn discounts and rewards through playing games or engaging in gaming-like activities
Decentralized virtual marketplace where players can trade virtual items
Decentralized match play and decentralized tournaments




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MobileGo, found online at, is a crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store.

The store looks surprisingly similar to the Google Play store (the UIs are nearly identical). At the time of writing, MobileGo had about 300 mobile games listed in the store. Before the end of 2017, the company plans to expand to offer thousands of games.

MobileGo is a smart contract token and the centerpiece of three decentralized cryptocurrency gaming products.

Product one: A decentralized virtual content marketplace. In essence, this is a third-party market for buying, selling and trading in-game content. The MobileGo marketplace will allow gamer to gamer transactions using smart contracts and conducted in MobileGo tokens.


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