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NEM and its token XEM have made significant gains over the past few months. Some analysts including Koji Higashi, the co-founder of IndieSquare based in Japan, have attributed the increase in the market cap of NEM and price of XEM to the exponentially growing alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin) market in Japan..

This Cryptocurrency Doesn't Want to Beat Bitcoin, It Wants to Beat the Economy The Market capitalization of the NEM (XEM) Cryptocurency is on 6th Place, just below the Litecoin..



NEM developed a new consensus protocol: Proof-of-Importance. It functions similarly to proof-of-stake, but it includes more variables than one’s NEM account holdings. The functions borrow from the math of network clustering and page ranking. At a high level, the primary inputs are:

Net transfers: how much has been ‘spent’ in the past 30 days, with more recent transactions weighted more heavily.
Vested amount of XEM
Cluster nodes: accounts that are part of interlinked clusters of activity are weighted slightly more heavily than outliers or hubs (which just link clusters but aren’t part of them).



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NEM (XEM): NEM or the New Economy Movement is the world's first Smart Asset blockchain. Though trading at a mere $0.24, market capitalization of NEM is more than $9.0 billion IN 2017 YEAR.


In 2016, NEM jumped to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. While the blockchain industry was busy fighting the DAO Wars, several Japanese banks were engaging with the NEM team to test the blockchain as a new payment infrastructure..





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