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NEO (NEO) Will be the Currency of 2018: Invest in the Future of Blockchains.




NEO (NEO) China has caused a huge disruption in the world in nearly all sectors. Technological advancements and uptake coupled with a huge local market and an enabling political environment have produced global giants in the various economic sectors. Alibaba, an e-commerce platform is now almost as big as Amazon while their taxi-hailing service, Didi Dache handles as many daily transactions as Uber.




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NEO was initially called as AntShares (ANS) which was launched in 2014. AntShares was founded by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang. In 2016, supposedly in response to growing interest in AntShares, and a need for blockchain solutions that meet the requirements of both government regulators and private companies, Da and Erik founded OnChain, a venture-backed company that provides blockchain-based financial services.

Neo and OnChain, both are based in Shanghai.


So when China launched its first cryptocurrency, naturally the world was excited to see how it would fare. NEO (NEO) has not disappointed though and has gone on to burst into the top 10 most valuable currencies after two years in the market. Originally launched as Antshares, it rebranded to NEO earlier this year along with other infrastructure upgrades.


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