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Nuls: The Undervalued Crypto Coin

Currently, the blockchain sector is struggling with making blockchain technologies flexible and convenient. At NULS, our mission is to build a customizable universal public blockchain infrastructure. Building a customizable infrastructure, our goal is to be helping enterprises improve credibility by deploying their own decentralized applications in the blockchain. .



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Multiple chains
In NULS' blockchain, there is a multi-chain mechanism that can be combined. When this mechanism is integrated, there are side chains that form and attach to NULS' blockchain.
Sophisticated smart contracts
Smart contracts enable NULS as a programmable blockchain. Users can outline their own business logistics with very little programming knowledge. Once programmed, the processors built inside of NULS launch the logic into a decentralized environment.
The default consensus mechanism of NULS is Proof-of-Credit.


NULS is a global blockchain open-source project which is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure; it consists of a microkernel and functional modules. NULS provides smart contract, multi-chain mechanism and cross-chain consensus. It aims to break the technical barriers of blockchain, to reduce the cost of development, and to promote the usage of blockchain technology in the commercial field. .





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