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OriginTrail (TRACE) - ICO rating and details . First Purpose-built Protocol for Supply Chains Based on Blockchain



Data fragmentation

There are many data siloes existing across the supply chain and even within organizations with low data interoperability. IT providers wanting to establish full supply chain visibility have no common ground for collaborative data exchange.
Inefficient decentralised solutions

There are no solutions that can provide the needed level of performance, scalability and trust for interconnected data in supply chains that are cost-effective. Current blockchain and decentralised solutions are very costly, do not provide advanced data relational functionalities and also have major scaling issues.




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Meet TRAC token

OriginTrail is the first purpose-built protocol for supply chain based on the blockchain. Trace (TRAC) is a utility token that enables data operations on the OriginTrail Decentralized Network. It's functions are the following:

Incentive for nodes for performing:
Discover & connect functionalities
Supply chain consensus checks
Data quality checks
Data replication checks
Data storage & management
Filtering & delivering supply chain data
Voting rights for token holders (on the next pilot projects)

Interoperability and automatic data connection between multiple supply chain organizations, with consensus mechanisms ensuring integrity of data

A solution for performance, cost and scalability issues by providing a specialized decentralized system for supply chain data based on blockchain.






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