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The future of website monetization and distributed storage, built on IOTA Tangle and Ethereum.




Robust, Redundant Data Storage

Files uploaded via Oyster are stored on the IOTA Tangle. This means that an excess of redundant duplicates are stored throughout the network topology of the Tangle, therefore mitigating the threat of data loss. Nodes running the Oyster Protocol perform Proof of Work to guarantee that the Tangle retains the data.





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Advertisements have always been a fundamentally weak proposition. They are intrusive, tangential, privacy invasive, and distract from the cleanliness of a website.

Making matters worse, creative content publishers are suffering due to the advent of ad blockers and a general disregard to what advertisements have to offer.



The Oyster Protocol is developed in a community driven model without any single point of failure. Extension projects can be built on top of the mesh-net topology and protocol API. This enables a whole class of truly decentralized applications to be built; such as decentralized telephone calling. Anyone is able to develop clients or extensions without permission from a central figurehead.


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