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PACcoin (PAC) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics.

PACcoin cryptocurrency PaC

PACcoin | People's Alternative Choice | Safe, Secure and Trusted Paccoin is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency to enable individuals to send money to each other directly without the need for banks..



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Paccoin: Fundamental crypto coin research analysis and investment reports. Paccoin (Symbol: PAC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency to allow individuals to send money to each other directly without the need for banks. The symbol on the coin is the Greek capital letter PHI. The block size of 500 coins is because the numerical value of PHI is 500. William Corless created Paccoins because he wanted a digital token that would become the official money of the Pacifica Nation which is a new nation with the Pacific borders. 99% of Pacifica is under water, and it is one of the biggest continental plates in the globe..


PacCoin was originally founded by William Corliss back in 2013 and was known as PacCoin – Pacifica Nation’s official coin. PACcoin stands for People’s Alternative Choice coin. Its design is meant to help people transact in real-world situations. The crypto is, therefore, meant to make payment of coffee, groceries, bus fare or house rent possible. The PAC market is pretty impressive in that liquidity has risen incredibly over the past few weeks. This has subsequently allowed players with larger capital balances to enter and exit with minimal market disturbance...





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