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This is Phantom: Shift's flagship dApp for disrupting the hosting industry.



What do successful operating systems have in common?

Consider the earliest example of a “killer app”: the VisiCalc spreadsheet software catapulted Apple II personal computers to unprecedented levels of adoption in the early 80s, simply because for ten months, the best spreadsheet software on the market was only available for the Apple II.





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Shift is the first next-gen blockchain with a built-in “killer dApp.”

While other companies are busy writing whitepapers and raising hundreds of millions of dollars, Shift has been busy working: we have created the backbone of a robust dApp ecosystem, with a strong and democratic dPOS platform of decentralization that can be used by anyone who knows JavaScript. The Phantom dApp with Shift will create a new decentralized web, empowering everyday users and keeping their content safe.


Shift’s first official dApp, called Phantom, is a user interface for file management over the IPFS network on Shift’s cluster. Data can be pinned — based on a smart revenue model — to be permanently stored on the cluster. Phantom also contains a wizard that enables decentralized web hosting and supports the management of real top level domains.






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