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Skycoin cryptocurrency SKY

SkyCoin: A new consensus algorithm to secure the network through a Web of Trust mechanism, eliminating Bitcoin’s tendency towards mining centralization.
SkyWire: Sustainable democratization of the internet, while providing enhanced privacy and security for a new internet
Skyledger: Blockchain platform built with CX for developing independent data storage and hardcoding private chains.
App Ecosystem: Distributed social media and file-sharing applications, built on top of Skycoin, Skywire and Skyledger
Hardware platform: A mining hardware that acts as a specialized VPN operating on Skywire’s new networking protocol based on Multi-Protocol Label Switching.



A currency for digital bandwidth, backed by the new internet. Fast transactions, no transaction fees, Skycoin is a third-generation cryptocurrency supporting a new free and open internet.

Skycoin is the cryptocurrency of Skywire. That means Skycoin has a practical application more than simply acting as another digital currency. The way Skycoin works is this: When you pass something along the Skywire network, you earn Skycoin. When you need to access the bandwidth yourself, pay via Skycoin. It only takes seconds to send and receive, with thousands of transactions per second..




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Skycoin is a utility token for bandwidth on the new internet. The project includes:.


Skywire: Anonymous, decentralized mesh-internet and telecoms
Skycoin: Free, Instant, Infinite transactions
Skyminer: Internet access point that pays you for bandwidth
Obelisk: Decentralized consensus network
All designed by original Bitcoin and Ethereum developers.





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