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Time New Bank.



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Time New Bank cryptocurrency TNB

Miao'A International Timechain (M.I.T) is dedicated to building a precision time-value-based transmission network. We highly acknowledge the time-value of money for each individual, and that the extent of which an individuals time is valued depends on how much he/she is needed by others, i.e. the more helpful an individual is, the higher the individual is needed. .



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Time New Bank
Miao'A International Timechain

Time is the most valuable assets mankind possess, in some point of view, the only valuable treasure a person can have. People’s time is limited and appreciates when he/she is needed by others. TNB (a.k.a. Time new bank) is the only cryptocurrency issued by M.I.T, and aim to shape the time transactions, time commodity exchange and time asset exchange powered by blockchain technology.


M.I.T connects considerable numbers of high-quality time exporters, mature time asset operators and investors as well as large volume of time demanders. It commits to integrate industry resources, bridges trust and delivers value, which is anticipated to lead the evolvement of the overall industry. M.I.T platform is comprised of underlying blockchain ledger, M.I.T time commodity exposition platform (entry portal), M.I.T time commodity issuance platform (primary market), M.I.T time commodity exchange (secondary market), M.I.T time asset exchange (third market), APP, DAPP, enterprise service middleware, SDK, API and etc. TNB will serve as value-conveying instrument within the platform ecology.





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