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UNO is a SHA256 Proof of Work cryptocurrency unique for low inflation, scarcity, a fair launch and distribution. Just 250,000 Uno will ever be mined over the next 30 years. Unobtanium is merged mined with Bitcoin, resulting in a secure high-difficulty blockchain that is 3x faster than Bitcoin.

Uno is rare not only for the number issued coins, but also for its fair launch and distribution. Uno has not been pre-mined. The launch was pre-announced on Bitcointalk and is indisputably fair, with the first 1000 blocks mined at low reward to provide miners time to configure the equipment. There is no POS inflation. There was no stealth or ninja launch of Uno.

Years after its launch, Unobtanium remains a highly collectible cryptotoken that is accepted by merchants, traded on the top cryptocurrency exchanges and supported by a wide range of services. Uno has an active and experienced community known for being friendly and welcoming to newcomers.





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These are the Unobtanium Vaults (aka Wallets). You can download and install them on your device to keep your rare kgs of UNO safe.

The Team

Unobtanium is a rare store of wealth commodity, something to aquire and hold over a long period of time, similar to precious metals. Unobtanium had its first birthday on October 13th 2013, so this journey is just beginning and in order to make it a safe trip, we have assembled one of the finest teams in crypto:

Block Rewards

Unobtanium mining started with a block reward of .001 for the first 2000 blocks to come up to a difficulty target. From block 2001 the block reward was 1 kg per block, halving every 100,000 blocks and finishing with a minimum subsidy of .01.

Unobtanium distribution has two stages. Roughly 190,000 units will be distributed during the first 6 block halvings. The remaining 60,000 units are for long-term mining support.


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