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WePower – blockchain-based green energy trading platform.

WePower (WPR) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics

Raise capital for renewable energy projects with WePower.


Revolutionary token model
Application grows with our business
WPR token is linked to the energy donation pool, which expands together with WePower business.
Backed by green energy
Always retains its energy book value.
Clarified with European Regulator
Token model designed to meet regulatory requirements.
Tradable, usable and liquid
Use energy or immediately trade and sell on the wholesale markets




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WPR token holders gain priority access to new energy token sale auctions on the WePower platform. The more WPR tokens you have, the larger allocation of energy you get.

Auction priority allows purchase of energy at the best price. It also increases WPR token trading value because of additional demand from large energy buyers.

Green energy donation pool

Green energy project developer announces a plant token sale on the WePower platform and releases energy tokens

0.9% of these energy tokens are automatically put into the contributors pools. Only WPR token holders have access to this pool

Once the plant is built and the energy is produced WPR token holders just like energy token holders can use the energy, cash out or re-invest into growing the contributions pool.





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