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XTRABYTES (XBY) – The future of blockchain 3.0

XTRABYTES (XBY) is a modular blockchain platform designed to provide significant increases in security, scalability and decentralization opportunities over the current blockchain technologies. Utilizing a newly created algorithm (Zolt) and consensus method, Proof-of-Signature (PoSign), XTRABYTES offers a platform on which decentralized application (DApp) developers and services can create and shape the future of blockchain technology. XTRABYTES is not an ICO, but a community driven project..



STATIC (Services Transactions and Trusted-in-Control) nodes form the backbone of the XTRABYTES network and play a crucial role in the consensus, security, and governance of the platform. STATIC node owners receive transaction and service fees for the DApp modules they opt-in to host. Security and PoSign consensus are insured by the state-of-the-art encryption hash technology, requiring every block to be signed by the STATIC nodes..




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The XTRABYTES platform will be optimized for DApps to be built right into the blockchain. Our developers are working to create DICOM as a proof-of-concept and to help serve as the backbone for the future developers to build upon.


XTRABYTES introduces a revolutionary new consensus algorithm (Zolt), based on the concept of Proof-of-Signature. Zolt ensures a system wide block signature rate of 100%, which confers an unparalleled level of security. Additional benefits include substantially decreased energy consumption since Zolt does not require a network of miners..


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